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Rational Exuberence?

Robert Shiller identified a number of reasons why this time around, exuberence is more rational than when he wrote his landmark “irrational exuberence”. In short:

- founders are smarter
- costs for it and marketing are lower
- market demand is 10x greater

I buy that. Totally. We’ve been saying it too B). The only thing that worries me is that the GooTube deal creates valuation hyperventilation – and building an organisation that actually sustains a business that is worth more than 9 digits is a cartload of LONG HARD WORK. Let nobody forget that.

The other interesting phenomenon is that bankers and consultants are flocking back to the troughs of get-reach-fast-with-dotcom-web2.0 – and they still often need to learn to go operative – Find the shortest distance between a powerpoint slide and the real world.

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