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Back to Hands On !

Some of you who know me already know this, but I’ve been back in hands-on business with the Next Big Thing for the past couple of weeks. Can’t say too much about it now, but I’ll share with you – those of you who know the feeling – the sense of excitement at building an exponential-growth company. We’ll be stealthing some more the next couple of months. As soon as we have the technology in place, our company will kawham! – At least, that’s we’re fighting for.

My life as an Investor will continue, but I’ll focus on the Angel & advisory part and have increased staff on dw capital to do the operatives of our Seed Funding. That gives the Startups more worth (and more professionalism, too). It leverages the dw capital positioning as “Founder friendly like an Angel and professional like a VC“. Plus I gain more insights on an operative level, which will decrease the half-life of my know-how. Growth must always become institutional if it is to prevail!

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