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When do I Invest? – Video Interview [German]

Recently I had the nice experience of being interviewed by the blogger / founder of or Everything A Startup Needs. He asked me to relate:

- how dw capital grew out of denkwerk

- what makes our positioning unique

- what are my criteria for investment

- and how much idealism a Founder can sustain

Of course, an [edited] video interview cannot convey all the things and remarkable people that shaped the rich history of 10 years of denkwerk, but maybe the interview gives anyone interested an impression of the philosophy behind our seed venture unit, dw capital. So, here goes:

Video Interview of Axel Schmiegelow

For the record, and because I also have an agency background:

I do believe in Branding, but I don’t believe Branding should be an excuse for bad conversion of a media campaign.

Sevenload Gets Financed and a Lesson in PR

After having gone underground with a series of negotiations, I’m back withe the facts and some insights:

- Sevenload ( got a Financing from Burda Digital Ventures, the venture subsidiary of Burda group, a leading German Media Group

- Oneview ( got a financing from a leading Media group as well, but that is still somewhat in stealth mode.

This introduces an exciting new phase in both ventures. Sevenload has reached new highs in usage. While competitors benefit from integration in TV channels, tend to trick somewhat on their figures, and basically are positioned as “videos generate traffic, traffic generates advertising impressions, ad impressions generate revenue”, sevenload is going for the Long Tail of content, creating a series of specialised audiences and trying to create advertising value there.

We have negotiated for months on the financing deal with a series of Venture Capitalists and strategic investors. We opted for Burda because it gave us a combination of media competence on their part and independence to pursue our own entrepreneurial course.

We closed the deal more than three weeks ago but wanted to gain some time before communicating it. We had carefully crafted a press release – only to discover that an early talk and its misinterpretation has led, a day before the release, to the faulty and undesired headline that we had been acquired. While this certainly serves the purpose of strengthening the positioning of Burda as a digital innovation leader, it is important for us to stress that we remain entirely independent and this is a pure venture financing. Lesson learned: remain on top of any and all first contacts to the press and lock in the main media with exclusives.

The other surprise was that the news generated so much response. The video market remains a very hot spot.

Busy Weeks – More & More, and selected

The past weeks have been incredibly busy. Sevenload, Qype, Oneview, and itravel are achieving their respective crests. has an exploding user base, has just won nicole da silva and a number of young stars had their start on the platform. It is now by far the most used German Video and Photo Platform. myvideo is raising a stink and faking their user numbers (check by looking up a user beyond # 800), but have little to now recognition in the relevant crowd. Remember “the Tipping Point” and you’ll know why that’s relevant. Ibo’s Team is just the better team. is growing fast, getting really useful, and closing a new financing round (no details, it’s all NDA’d) – but just this much: Qype is going to be the dominant player. Stephan is an incredible guy and has a great team. are preparing their gamma, and it will rock. Full google-kicking potential. We will get our revenge for having been the first social networking/bookmarking site (1998) and not getting the recognition because the business model had no market yet in 2000. Great team there too, with two additions to the developer team. – stay tuned for the first real long tail social commerce site, you’ll see more and more of the community in the next three months. In cooperation with Sevenload!

I’m really excited as we are preparing Upload! 2006, which we hope to become the coolest web 2.0 / social commerce / next big thing event of this and coming years.

BTW: we are desperately looking for developers, marketers, tecchies, pr guys/gals, project managers, business developers, sales guys etc etc etc…. contact me, or denkwerk @

Sevenload and Qype going balistic, oneview launched, itravel in secret mode

Watch out for the new startups on the blo(g)ck! It’s totally exciting to watch the startups of which I’m an angel investor evolve. launched 5 weeks ago and is at 250.000+ downloads of photos and videos… a day! is growing fast and one of the hottest startups in the media is the original (yes, the original) to deli.cious and the only web 1.0 startup “rebooted” in web 2.0 – stay tuned! has a community in stealth mode and will become the hottest travel and social commerce play since ebay – that’s what I believe – meanwhile, check out the trips, they’re great – and real!

I missed the reboot because I was in Paris, but I hear it rocks. Hope to learn more soon.



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