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LeWeb3 in Paris

Exciting conference! Loic le Meur at his best. The Usual Suspects turned up, a definite Highlight was Martin Varsavsky. But they even had Simon Peres come and the inevitable – at least if it’s campaign time in France and it’s Loics home turf – Sarkozy, who delivered a remarkably expectable speech in French to 50% international audience.

We boostrocketed as because we grabbed the microphone a couple of times, and I was positively surprised to see that sevenload and denkwerk and qype

already had quite a reputation, even outside Germany. I enjoyed what happened off the panels, in the lounges, and in restaurant back rooms most – can’t say too much about it now, but Digital Life is bound to be exciting the next couple of months.

Another interesting encounter was a SEC-enforced very tacit Lars Hinrichs on the OpenBC/XING IPO, there’s one man who knows the pitfalls of Stock Market Law and will not put himself in a spot. We did end up however, musing about Greed and Selfishness as human traits that like to rear their ugly heads as soon as the opportunity arises…


What Makes You A Superfounder ?

I had the pleasure to be a speaker at an OpenBC Event in Brussels, on a panel with Eric Archembeau, serial entrepreneur turned VC. The tune I was to play was the answer of the Founder to the VCs – after ING and Eric described requirements for getting a funding. Well, here goes what I said (click on Image to run the presentation).

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