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The Future of (web) TV

Reflecting on the current discussions, last at the Delphi Executive conference in Bonn, and at CeBIT which I both attended as a speaker, I recalled the very lively panel at DLD 09 around online video and social media. If you are interested in the topic, the video gives you insights with Brightcove, Endemol, sevenload and Termor Media and a great moderator, David Kirkpatrick from Fortune Magazine.

About the specifics of how we perceive the value of recurring WebTV Content, please check my Interview at ETRE in Stockholm:

ETRE 2008: Axel Schmiegelow describes the sevenload community and “The Future of TV” from curtis newton gmbh on Vimeo.

Barack Obama Inauguration Speech

TecCrunch has commented on how live video failed us during the inauguration speech of Barak Obama as 44th president of the United States, arguing that live video streams will need much further investment before it can seriously compete with Television. While I agree that the technology still needs much improvement, the fact that millions of concurrent users brought the servers down clearly shows the tremendous potential of live streaming,  a point I’m sure TechCrunch certainly does not disagree with. So, we are slowly getting there.

Incidentally, we at sevenload haev our own live streaming solution for Big Brother – in a subscription model, with surprising success.

…and I certainly hope I don’t get shot for managing to put Barack Obama and Big Brother in the same blog post. ;-)

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